Business Process Automation

Want to manage your business processes electronically?

KeeFORCE provides solutions to electronically manage documents and other content and ensure that your procedures are followed.

Interested in how KeeFORCE can help your business?

KeeFORCE Business Process Automation saves your organization both time and money by simplifying the chaotic world of documents and data.  Click on the video link below to see how i-Doc Solutions can help your company.


At KeeFORCE, we know that effectively capturing and managing documents and content is necessary for an organization to move forward. We also know that in order to truly transform processes–making them more automated, accurate and agile-an intelligent plan is required to move all of this information into the flow of business.

That is why we offer our clients business process automation solutions to unlock the full potential of their document management system. We simplify the process of distributing documents to others within the organization, by allowing tasks to be streamlined and information to be sent in real time. KeeFORCE has developed methods to transform manual, paper-based business processes into efficient systems that help our clients increase productivity saving time and money.

Whether providing a simple storage and retrieval solution, or developing a complex workflow design, KeeFORCE optimizes document management and eliminates the common obstacles that get in the way of efficiency.

Driven by efficiency. Created to solve problems.

Our business process automation solutions give new life to existing routines, improves productivity and decreases document processing time. Our clients notice the improvement immediately as business content is directed automatically to the right place at the right time. Clients always have relevant information at their fingertips.