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Custom Permissions

Store sensitive information, restrict access as necessary, and find out who has viewed or modified a document at any given time with customizable security protocols.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Collaborate with your team more effectively by accessing your documents wherever you are. Easy access and the ability to share documents rapidly speeds up processes increasing overall productivity.

Digital Backups

Your records are completely protected from natural disasters and data breaches – internally and externally.

Advanced Search & Data Capture

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies replace the need for manual data entry for each and every document. The technology intelligently reads and interprets data making your system smarter and faster.

Integration Friendly

Our system works side by side with your line of business applications to eliminate duplicate manual entry and keep your system functioning at its highest efficiency.

Security and Compliance

Maintaining compliance with mandates such as HIPAA and GDPR is also far easier, and you’re better prepared should disaster strike.

Why KeeFORCE for Document Management?

Not to be too clichè, but we truly have the best team out there. You won’t find a better partner with as much talent, experience, and expertise as we do. Even after your system is fully implemented, our team is still available 24/7 to help with any technical difficulties that may arise. Having a true partner as you walk through this transition is invaluable and our #1 priority is making sure you have everything you need – from day one, through the entire implementation process, and beyond.

Any business document is welcome – this can include PDFs, digital images, and word-processing files!

  • Invoices
  • Applicant Resumes
  • Payroll Stubs
  • Project-Related Plans
  • Log Reports
  • Email Attachments
  • Mobile Device Documents
  • Scanned Documents
  • Data Captured Online
  • Purchase Orders
KeeFORCE Document Management
KeeFORCE Automatic File Routing Document Management

Automatic File Routing

Once your system is up and running, workflow automation can take action and streamline your everyday business processes throughout your entire organization. Create and manage custom workflows for any department or industry.

Workflow Automation

Where are you in the Modern Workplace world?

Take our short quiz to see where you stand as a Modern Workplace! Where is your business on a scale of “Year 3000” to “The Flintstones”?

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What Our Clients Are Saying

It is one piece of software that we don’t have to worry about. It just works.

Zach LeeIT Coordinator, STAR Physical Therapy

I love DocuWare! The system is so easy and user-friendly. My absolute favorite function is being able to look up any file from my computer. I can now find answers quickly without putting our customers on hold to search through filing cabinets. Implementing DocuWare has been so beneficial to our office. Bye to paper clutter. Hello, convenience!

Holly RalphRetail Title Clerk/Bookkeeping, Seay Motors