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Accounts Payable Automation

Wasting time gathering invoices and manually entering the information into your accounting system? Experience Automated Invoice Processing without time-consuming setup.

Using AI, the AP solution can distinguish and extract header information and line items from your invoices into the system to route them for approval. This eliminates the cost and errors of processing invoices in all forms, both paper and electronic.

The AP Solution transforms your invoices into data that can then be used for approvals, automatic entry into your accounting system, or any other main line of business applications.

Accounts Payable Workflow Automation

Set up system rules for automatic payment approvals and instantly route invoices for approval.

For example, a specific vendor sends an invoice for less than $100. The system can automatically match against a purchase order, GL-code it and send it off to individual approvers. The system can also automatically approve the invoice and send it directly into the accounting system for payment processing.

If the rules cannot apply to your process, the user has the ability to match the invoice to the purchase order, GL code the entire invoice or individual line items and select the appropriate person or persons for approval.

KeeFORCE’s Automated Accounts Payable Solution is fully customizable, unlike most other invoice processing systems.

While the base solution works great in its original form, we can make it even better by further customizing it to meet your organization’s individual needs.

The Automated Accounts Payable Solution is powered by a platform that can also be designed for other aspects of your accounting system such as credit card reconciliation, expense reports, purchase orders, timesheets, and accounts receivable. This powerful platform can expand workflow automation beyond your accounting system into other areas of your business as well. Some examples include human resources, legal, customer service, and safety.

What else can we automate?

  • HR Onboarding
  • Employee Performance Reviews
  • Forms Processing
  • Maintenance Request Process
  • Expense Approvals
  • PTO Approvals
  • Contract Management
  • Credentialing/Certification Renewal Process
  • Sales Process
  • Accounts Receivable Process
  • Purchase Requisition
  • Credit Card Reconciliation
Workflow Automation Fully Digital Workflows

Fully Digital Workflows

Let the program do the hard work for you with the help of Mobile Forms and Advanced Capture. Set up system rules so that any scanned or electronic document will be read and automatically routed to the correct person or persons. This accelerates remote work, minimizes errors from manual entry, and overall makes work easier for everyone involved.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

It’s been the best experience going digital. It has made the functionality of the invoice process flow smoothly within the organization and all departments. Everyone in the organization that uses this process loves the ease of it!

Melissa DelaneyAccounting Manager, Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina

"The best thing about our Document Management system is that everything is in one place. It is so much faster than the way we used to do everything manually. I like the way the system automatically sends email reminders to the end users."

Jenny BautistaAccounts Payable Specialist, Food Bank of North Carolina

This system has helped my staff work faster and easier by having everything they need digitally instead of on paper that could easily get lost. The system has also strengthened our relationship with therapists who no longer have to manage paper while providing services or worry if the paperwork was received on time.

Teudis B PerezMHA, Home Health Administrator