KeeFORCE has built its reputation on a solid foundation of customer satisfaction.  Read on to see what our clients are saying.

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KeeFORCE has helped us in a way that we could not have done on our own, by moving us into a more modern technology world.  As a small business, it is difficult to employ a full time dedicated IT person, but KeeFORCE has allowed us to employ a whole team of experts. We have multiple locations, and for us to know that help is only a phone call away when we are having computer issues, is a comforting thought.  KeeFORCE is a professional company with the capabilities and resources to solve our most complicated IT issues.  Not only are they quick to respond, but they are friendly and work hard to solve our problems.  We have built such a good relationship with KeeFORCE that we are very open to their suggestions if they think we need to do something to better position ourselves in this ever-changing high-tech environment.

Phil Haire

Executive Vice President, Hannan Supply Company

Whitlow_Logo_header2 KeeFORCE helped us with a large upgrade project, and the technician worked through lunch and dinner (even though he had dinner plans) to ensure things went smoothly and we were ready to go the next day. The dedication, professionalism, and great problem-solving skill KeeFORCE demonstrates is both refreshing and appreciated.  KeeFORCE has a great team! Everyone I have worked with has been top notch!
Debi Wigginton

IT Manager, Whitlow, Roberts, Houston and Straub, PLLC


KeeFORCE has been instrumental to 5H Technologies, Inc. (5H Tech).  They provide our complete corporate IT service and our VoIP telephone system.  Being an environmental and civil engineering firm, our first focus is our clients.  Our engineers and staff focus on what we do best.  KeeFORCE’s staff does the same for us.  They have taken the worry out of IT and phone services for our growing company.  They are only one call away if we need anything.  The excellent thing is the fact we hardly ever need to call.  Recently a KeeFORCE professional called me to let me know one of the drives in our server was failing.  I had no idea.  They ordered the necessary parts and fixed the problem with no downtime for our operations.  We never noticed we had a problem.  One of the best business decisions 5H Tech has made in recent years was outsourcing our IT services to KeeFORCE.  The KeeFORCE Xtreme Support provides us with reliability, reasonable cost, and peace of mind allows us to do what we do best at 5H Tech.

David F. Hutcheson, Jr.

Vice President, 5H Technologies, Inc.

paducah derm

I would recommend the services of KeeFORCE to any and every one. The staff from the time you call in until the ticket has been closed is top notch. They are not only professional but personable which in a crunch means so much to an office manager in a crisis. The quality of service that is offered to their clients is not only the most current on the market but also cost effective in a time when every penny counts.

Robin Stamper

Practice Manager, Paducah Dermatology

PGA_Splash What I like most about KeeFORCE is their great response time and the friendliness of the staff. We recently relocated to a new office and KeeFORCE made the process go smooth from start to finish. Really, the biggest benefit we’ve received since hiring KeeFORCE is the peace of mind that comes with doing business with them.
Shannon Thompson

Practice Manager, Purchase Gastroenterology Associates

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Our relationship with KeeFORCE has been a tremendous asset for Continental.  The enterprise content management solution provided by KeeFORCE has allowed us to leverage the tools and drop down lists in our accounting software to check for duplicate invoices, selection of the appropriate, vendor and account coding  which has virtually eliminated those errors that would have incurred in an import process.  We have a complete audit trail of where each invoice has been, how it was routed and what actions were performed.  We have found it easy to route invoices as they arrive rather than batching at the end of the month which has allowed as to spread out the workflow during the month.  We have been able to eliminate paper processing to  a significant extent and have found that with the new query tools  it is actually easier for the check signor to verify key data associated with the electronic image of the invoice than it is to compare the check to the paper invoice.  By visually grouping key index data on screen the check signor can with one glance verify pertinent info rather than searching for the information in different locations on an invoice or report or combination thereof.    By eliminating the need to match checks with physical invoices we have been able to streamline the payment process. We are extremely satisfied with the result and would highly recommend KeeFORCE.

Linda Waites

Continental Real Estate Companies

dr largent

Our server went down on a Thursday night, and we were unaware of it since we are not open on Fridays. KeeFORCE updated us on Friday just to keep us informed. Plus, they had a technician at our office on Monday morning before we even opened our doors! We have gained support from truly knowledgeable technicians since we hired KeeFORCE. They can handle all of our technology needs so we no longer have to deal with multiple vendors.

Natalie Paschall

Practice Manager, Beverly A. Largent, DMD

logo The service we get from KeeFORCE is prompt. They will send someone on site when necessary, but will also solve problems over the phone which saves me money. KeeFORCE’s Xtreme Support plan has enabled the team to identify problems for us before we even knew we had a problem. As a result, I don’t have to stop my day because of a computer issue, and my patients are not affected. This is just as much of a lifesaver as the times when I call, and the team is able to get online to take care of my problem.
Trudy Quertermous

Paducah Physiatric Partners / Birk Grove Life Centre

I’ve been using KeeFORCE for over ten years and have been absolutely thrilled with their services. Not only is everyone knowledgeable and friendly to work with, but they simply get the job done – quickly. One of the greatest benefits of using KeeFORCE is having state-of-the-art hardware that has truly modernized our mode of operation. I don’t know if we would have pursued moving to EMR without our confidence in KeeFORCE. We rarely have computer issues because KeeFORCE is proactively managing our network. The best part is that I don’t have to worry about my computer network at all. I can trust KeeFORCE will help me make decisions that are in the best interest of my business.

Lori Butler

Practice Manager , Dr. Butler & Associates, PLLC

We are very satisfied with the service KeeFORCE provides. KeeFORCE is prompt, and associates communicate with us in a manner that is not too technical and easy to understand. Even though we are a small company, we can count on KeeFORCE to come to us ready to listen and give us their best. Associates are courteous and understanding and do not make the customer feel incompetent. We take comfort in the KeeFORCE staff’s ability to keep us going and up-to-date on new technology.

Anne Gill

Owner, Jagco Industries, Inc.