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Terry McKee

Terry McKee


We could talk all day about how Terry built KeeFORCE from the ground up over 23 years ago. If you were to ask him about his favorite job, he would give you a spill about how much he loves KeeFORCE and the entire staff. So we’ll save you the time and wrap it up for you.

Terry dips his toe in both sides of the business – Outsourced IT Services and Document Management & Workflow Automation.

When you ask him what KeeFORCE is all about, his word is efficiency. His main goals are to help your business save money and perform at its best ability. That’s it. Better business. Period.

Connect on LinkedIn Send Me An Email 270-366-0366 Interests:
Running, Boating, Water Skiing Family:
I met my wife, Michelle, in a Managerial Economics class at the University of Memphis. I ended up writing both my own and Michelle’s final project paper for that class. She made a higher grade than I did.

I also have three kids: Connor, Carson and Clint.

My Favorite Things:

  • Family – I’ve really enjoyed watching my kids grow up and become adults.
  • The Lake – Nothing better than coming in off the lake right when the sun is going down.
  • Remodeling Old Houses- Like the one I live in now.