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Computer systems, which form an indispensable part of most businesses today, are both complex and critical to manage. The case for using a managed service provider (MSP) is strong. But you probably already know that. However, do you know that an MSP can stimulate several other benefits for your business, apart from resolving the complexities and pain points of its IT environment?

The most popular and frequently-promoted benefits of utilizing IT MSP include instant diagnosis of IT issues and faster, more competent resolution of identified problems. Here are three additional benefits that albeit uncelebrated are equally benign:

1.  Performance and capacity maximization  

An MSP is equipped with the right tools and processes to monitor and store data pertaining to the capacity utilization and performance of your network bandwidth, database size, file system space and so on. This data is made available to you and you can churn it to produce information and insights about maximizing capacity utilization of different IT assets and their performances.

2.  Prompt, up-to-the-minute patch management

Firefighting IT issues on a daily basis leaves little time for your internal IT staff to focus on installing updates and patches. Since IT management and troubleshooting is the core competency of an MSP, vendors are up-to-date on patch-management and up-gradation tasks.And the significance of this seemingly small benefit becomes clear when you realize that delayed patch updating or poor patch management makes your business vulnerable to security threats, downtime and privacy-related incidents, which may cost dearly.

3.  Cost savings

A quick question: Do your in-house IT expenses fall within the projected outlay? If they tend to exceed, utilizing an IT MSP is just what you need to cut costs, stay within budget and make savings. By outsourcing all or a portion of your IT management to an MSP, you can refocus your staffing to other functions within your organization. You don’t have to use company dollars to pay for in-house IT staff (including one or more IT experts who will cost you several thousand dollars in monthly salary alone), vendors and additional resources.You don’t have to pay for training, troubleshooting and other activities or for covering up hidden costs of in-house IT management as well. When you compare these costs with the monthly fee charged by a good MSP, you’ll realize how cost-effective the latter is. Additionally, the use of an MSP also helps you cut costs associated with network inefficiencies, downtime and more.

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