How Digital Document Management Improves Customer Service

From helping employees work faster to enabling entire businesses to do more with less, technology has numerous benefits.  So, why are some businesses refusing to tackle document management and implement digital workflows, and how is this refusal hurting customers? Why Are People Resistant To Change? Businesses and employees are used to doing things a certain…

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Lessen Small Business Stress With Better Document Management

How a business handles its documents says a lot about its ability to thrive in its current form as well as grow into a mature, competitive entity in today’s marketplace.

In small businesses, specifically, multiple employees are handling multiple responsibilities. Every minute proves vital and valuable. Taking time away from one’s main duties to look for a document that may be misfiled adds hours to the day and employees to the payroll.

Let’s look at a small business approach to document management – and what changes are necessary for scaling the business in an efficient, cost-effective way.

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