Shawn Higgins

Business Development Manager

As the Business Development Manager of KeeFORCE, Shawn is all about some Document Management and Workflow Automation.

With a long history in the business processes field, Shawn knows just how much implementing the right technology can help a business go from good to great.

Shawn is here to save you and your company save some dollars, erase the frustration of repetitive tasks and get more work done. Essentially - he wants you to work smarter, not harder. And he's got just the solution ready for you.

Anything my children are involved with - even if it is something that I never would have personally considered, Star Trek, Pittsburgh Steelers, live concerts, and running (I actually hate running, I just love the scenery).

I met my wife Laura in college and here we are 31 years later with four adult children - two girls and two boys with two grand-children!

My Favorite Things:

  • Working at music festivals
  • Watching the Steelers
  • Completing a really good workout