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voipTechnology is one of the first things that can help small-businesses level up with their larger-sized competitors in the market, and that includes updating outdated pieces of technology that may be hindering productivity or efficiency. Gone are the days when businesses used just traditional landline systems for client/customer communications, thanks to their more tech-savy cousin VoIP technology taking over the modern workplace. Hard-line systems are straddling the thin line between legacy and obsolete, and if your business has not yet made the switch to VoIP technology, here are some reasons that you may want to consider it.

  • Usability and features: Staying in line with the modern workplace that has clients/ customers spread across the globe, and where the corresponding interactions cannot be put on hold just because employees are on the go, VoIP technology enables these communications to happen from anywhere and everywhere, with any device. Since VoIP does not use physical phone lines but rather internet data to carry out communications, phone calls can be routed to any device. You can also access your voicemail through any device without having to remember complex codes as with traditional phone lines. Virtual assistant and voice-to-text transcription are other perks of using VoIP.
  • Reliability:  Ask anyone what a traditional PBX system looks like and they will probably tell you it is a clutter of wires tucked away in the office closet that only the technician dares to touch, usually when things go wrong. You don’t need a technician to tell you that it takes longer to fix traditional phone systems with complex networks when something goes amiss. On the other hand, if you use VoIP does not use physical wires and may not even require the technician to visit your office to fix the issue. It can be resolved sooner, meaning lesser downtime for your business operations.
  • Cost: While the costs of traditional landlines may have dipped, it’s a different story when it comes to the associated call charges, and especially so when you are placing international phone calls. VoIP is a much-more pocket-friendly solution that offers tailored packages designed to meet your needs while lowering your operating expenses.  At the end of the day, internet data transmission proves to be a far more cost-effective and efficient solution that traditional phone lines.

To find out if VoIP technology is a good fit for your business, contact KeeFORCE today at (270) 366-0553.