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National news outlets recently reported about a hospital in Los Angeles that paid $17,000 to restore their hijacked computer network as a result of ransomware. While for this particular situation, paying the ransom might have been the best way to restore the network, there are other ways to minimize the damage for your company. While there is no known way to completely prevent ransomware, there are ways to protect your network, reduce downtime and avoid a costly ransom. At KeeFORCE, our software performs various checks to detect ransomware as soon as it infects a PC. Once ransomware has been detected we automatically restrict the PC’s access to the network to prevent additional damage to critical data. Our software alerts us when these actions are performed so that we can remove the infection and restore any encrypted data. Regular network scans and daily backups will reduce the time needed to restore your complete network and  most importantly, help your company avoid the costly price of having someone ransom your files.

For more information about how your business can protect itself from costly ransomware attacks, call KeeFORCE today at 270-366-0553.