Become A Paperless Office


To get the job done wherever and whenever.


To get the job done as quickly and easily as possible.


To know exactly what is going on at any given moment.

Going Paperless with Document Management

CAPTURE all your digital and paper files, TRACK who has viewed or handled each file, and safely STORE all of your documents in a single, secure digital repository.

Why should you eliminate paper documents from your business or department?

Audit Trail

Restrict access as necessary and find out who has viewed or modified a document at any time.

Saves Time & Money

Between misfiling and basic human error, losing essential documents can be detrimental to a business.


Robbers in ski masks aren't usually the ones stealing your documents. Internal threats cause the most damage.

Less Storage Space

One report found that physical document storage comprised roughly 15% of total office space.

Disaster Recovery

All it takes is one busted pipe to destroy every paper document in your office. Ditch the paper documents and lose the risk.


All your documents are stored in the cloud and can be accessed anywhere at any time.

Digitize Burdensome Paperwork

Do you realize how much time and money your business is wasting simply by using paper documents? Gartner estimated that companies spend 1% to 3% of their revenue on office printing not including the cost of filing, shipping and storing documents and the cost of the actual paper. It all seems to add up very quickly.


of documents are not named or labeled correctly


of employees recreate documents they can't find


of information is saved in the wrong folder and/or system

KeeFORCE's Automated Accounts Payable Solution

Having a strong accounts payable process is vitally important to your business, but unfortunately, many organizations are still using old ways of manual processing. On average, a manual process costs about $21-40 to process a single invoice including staffing, distribution costs, etc.

KeeFORCE's Automated AP System can reduce processing costs all the way from $21-40 to $3-5 per invoice.

Automate Tedious Manual Processes

The average amount of time it takes to manually process and pay an invoice is 11-30 days and 18% of professionals said they need more than 30 days to process and pay an invoice. The KeeFORCE Automated Accounts Payable Solution can reduce the time it takes to process and pay an invoice all the way down to 1-5 days.

How does Automating AP make me Paperless?

There are four parts that break down the AP Solution. Each of these parts has its own set of benefits that come together to create one seamless system. By stopping paper before it even gets in the door of your building, your AP system can be fully digital.


There are multiple ways to quickly import your invoices, with little to no manual entry required:

  • Experience automated invoice processing without time-consuming setup
  • Automatically capture relevant data and route them for approval


Set up system rules for automatic payment approvals and instantly route invoices for approval.

The user has the ability to match the invoice to the purchase order, GL code the entire invoice or individual line items and select the appropriate person or persons for approval.


  • Integrate with most accounting systems such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Quickbooks, and Ceres.
  • Send data automatically to your accounting system
  • Two-way sync - Push and pull information from your accounting system


Customize the AP System to meet your organization’s individual needs:

  • Expand the base platform beyond AP with credit card reconciliation, expense reports, purchase orders, timesheets, mileage logs, and more
  • Update other departments workflow automation such as HR, Legal, Customer Service and Safety with the same base platform

Take the first steps to becoming as paperless as possible!

No matter what state your business is currently in, we want to help. We can help you identify areas for improvement in your processes, provide you with an efficiency plan for automation, and ultimately help you meet your business goals.