Document Management & Workflow Automation

Times have changed - Welcome to the Digital Age. Take business with you wherever you need to be - in the office, on the road, on the beach or in your home. Document Management Systems & Automated Workflows digitize and secure your information to flow effortlessly between your decision makers — anywhere, any device, any time.

Document Management System

Technology today plays a huge role in keeping your business running. You may have heard of other businesses “going paperless,” but what does that actually mean? Document Management is a system that captures, tracks and stores all of your electronic documents. This can include PDFs, digital images, and word processing files. Essentially, this eliminates the need for towers of file cabinets and hours upon hours searching for one important document you know is stored somewhere - but where? 

Through an advanced tagging system, you no longer have to remember where that one document from three years ago was stored. The document management system will be able to find the document for you. Almost instantly. 

Business Process Automation

While the team here at KeeFORCE calls this solution Business Process Automation, you may see this technology solution also labeled as business process management, automated processing, workflow processes or process intelligence. No matter what you call it, there are many benefits it can provide your business. Let’s break it down.

What’s a business process?

A business process is something you do monthly, weekly or daily for your business. It’s a repetitive task that takes your time away from other responsibilities. Usually, these tasks take multiple steps and need to be done in a certain order.

Examples include:

  • Accounts Payable Processing
  • HR Onboarding
  • Employee Performance Reviews
  • Forms Processing
  • Maintenance Request Process
  • Expense Approvals
  • PTO Approvals
  • Contract Management
  • Credentialing/Certification Renewal Process
  • Sales Process
  • Accounts Receivable Process
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How do we automate?

Let us start off by saying that not all automations are the same. Depending on your current processes, we customize the automation to meet your business's needs and make you the most efficient with your time.

What are the benefits?


The biggest benefit from utilizing automation is the amount of time you’ll save. No more wasted days doing the same ole thing over and over again when you already have a to-do list that never ends.


Manual processes can be hard to control. With automation, the chance of someone losing your documents is gone. A process delay from lack of task completion is eliminated. The whole process stays consistent. Always.

Cost Saving

Human error happens. And sometimes, it can be quite costly. Automations can be more secure than manual processes which saves you money in the long run. And who doesn’t wanna save money?

I want to know more!

Let’s set up a WorkSmart meeting! During these meetings, we discuss the possible problems your business may be facing in your processes. We will help you identify areas for improvement and give you a plan about how we can help you meet your goals.