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Due to a recent increase in activity related to the Crypto Locker Virus, we wanted to resend some information to help remind you and your users of precautions needed to help protect your system from being infected with this dangerous virus. 

There has been an recent impulse of computer viruses that encrypt important and sensitive files on machines and networks making the files unusable and demanding payment to recover the files. 

Many spread via e-mail and claim to be related to Faxing, eFaxing, or package tracking like UPS, FedEx, etc.

The most recent activity includes information relating to resume’s as Word Document attachments.

If you are not expecting a Fax/eFax or a package please do not open these emails and immediately delete them.  If you are expecting a package and you need to open an email with tracking information, do not click the links in the tracking emailOpen your browser and visit the carrier website directly (ex: ) and then copy your tracking number from the email and paste it into the carrier website. 

We have also seen this type of virus spreading through websites and social networks in the form of software updates for common programs like Adobe Flash or Java.

Updates are typically not required, however if you must update these programs please visit their direct websites at and

For all of your corporate IT needs, we hope you will keep KeeFORCE first and foremost in mind.  You can reach us by phone at (270) 366-0553.