Over Your Accounts Payable System

No matter what role you play in the AP system, you need flexibilty to get the job done wherever you are, efficiency to get the job done as quickly and easy as possible and control to know exactly what is going on at any given moment.

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There are multiple ways to quickly import your invoices, with little to no manual entry required:

  • Experience automated invoice processing without time-consuming setup
  • Automatically capture relevant data and route them for approval



Set up system rules for automatic payment approvals and instantly route invoices for approval.

The user has the ability to match the invoice to the purchase order, GL code the entire invoice or individual line items and select the appropriate person or persons for approval.


  • Integrate with most accounting systems such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Quickbooks, and Ceres.
  • Send data automatically to your accounting system
  • Two-way sync - Push and pull information from your accounting system


Customize the AP System to meet your organization’s individual needs:

  • Expand the base platform beyond AP with credit card reconciliation, expense reports, purchase orders, timesheets, mileage logs, and more
  • Update other departments workflow automation such as HR, Legal, Customer Service and Safety with the same base platform

Faster Approvals

Reduce the time it takes to process and pay an invoice from 11-30 days to 1-5 days. No more chasing down the person you need to get an approval.

Greater Productivity

Faster approvals. No more wasted days wondering where an invoice went or having to pass it along to several different people, etc... You already have a long to-do list and automating AP can help.

Fewer Errors

Human error happens. And sometimes, it can be quite costly. Let technology do the work.  Automations can be more accurate than manual processes, saving you money.

Lower Cost Per Invoice

Reduce processing costs from $21-40 per invoice to $3-5 per invoice.

Increased Visibility

Upper management can follow an invoice throughout the process and have real time access of how many invoices are in each stage of the process. Ex: All that are due tomorrow, but still needing approval.


Keep your files secure. Restrict access. Run an audit trail to see what actions users are performing on each invoice.



We know your process isn't working. And lucky for you, we have a solution! Request a demo and see just how much AP Automation can make a difference in your day-to-day tasks.