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IT-SecurityWe live in a world where information is stored electronically. Most of the time we do not take adequate measures to safeguard this information, mainly because we do not want to spend that extra money or we simply do not think that it can be stolen. Only when it happens do we realize the impact it has, both on a personal and financial level.

Need for an efficient security software 

In 2014, a group of hackers called Guardians of Peace infiltrated, and took over the corporate network of the movie and television production division of Sony. They then leaked confidential company information, social security numbers and passport details of actors, and company executives, as well as four unreleased Sony movies, online. The data breach is considered as one of the top ten data breaches of all time. Evidence collected after the breach suggests that the infiltration had been going on for more than a year.

As per security experts, the breach happened because Sony was not careful enough with its security measures. Prior to the breach, Sony was using plain text passwords, and unencrypted emails. Now it has adopted strong online security measures. Sony learned the hard way that online security needs to be an integral part of the company.

Need for securing server rooms

In 2007, a few hackers stole millions of credit, and debit card information from TJX Companies Inc. They also stole personal information like driver’s license numbers of TJX customers. The whole incident cost the company around $250 million. Security experts found out that the hackers first infiltrated the system in 2005 by installing malware. Then they gained access to the server through a wireless regional hub, and worked their way into the company’s central system. Inadequate security to the computer/server rooms helped the hackers to gain entry, and install malware.

Need for data backup, and proper disposal of hard drives

In 2008, a hard disk at NARA, a government records administration company in the US, stopped working. The hard disk contained personal information of 76 million American military veterans. It was determined that the hard disk was beyond repair, so it was scrapped. No one knows whether the disk was indeed destroyed or not, as it was sent for repair off-site.

All these incidents prove that extra measures need to be taken when it comes to safe-guarding electronic data. To find out how KeeFORCE can help you be proactive in securing your data, give us a call today at (270) 366-0553.