KeeFORCE, a leading corporate I.T. service provider in for 18 years, has announced Music Center as the winner of the 1st annual .  The represents a partnership of 20 successful, regional companies dedicated to helping other businesses grow and prosper in the .  The project will provide Music Center with a “business makeover package” to help energize and enhance their current .

Applications were accepted during a six-week period in January and February from businesses in Daviess, Hancock and McLean Counties of Kentuc.  Twenty local businesses applied for the $70,000 grand prize package. Each applicant then submitted a questionnaire related to their history and current .  A panel of independent judges from the region determined the top-3 applicants and the ultimate Grand Prize Winner.  The judges where asked to make their determination based upon the criteria of “which business will benefit the most in the long term from the prize package being offered”.   Top-3 finalists as determined by the panel of judges for the 2016 (in alphabetical order) were:   Music Center, Smith Hearing Healthcare, PLLC, and Wonder Whip.

Music Center opened its location in 1973.  The business provides sales and service of a wide selection of musical instrument and accessories. They offer music instruction of 10 instruments and voice to over 140 students ranging from 6-70 years of age. Additionally, they specialize in design and installation of audio/video systems for houses of worship, schools, auditoriums and businesses.

Music has shared the benefits and joys of making music for 43 years and we’re just getting started”, stated Gordon Wilcher, CEO of Music Center. “Research shows that music improves lives in many areas including students who score better in math and other life skills. We are so honored to be selected as the winner of this $70,000 .  The prize will definitely help us to continue to grow and expand the impact we have in the Community.”

For more information about the , contact Joni Goodman at KeeFORCE at (270) 366-0646 or by email to