How_VoIP_WorksMore and more businesses continue to move from traditional private branch exchange systems to voice over IP systems, and experts say that it will become an integral part of data traffic in the coming few years. With more advanced features, better call quality, and affordable price rates, switching to solution is more than a step forward for your business. Here are some tips to help you make sure that your transition is smooth. 

Training your staff 

It is key that you train your staff on the new system. The training depends on the features that your system uses, and if you have features like voicemail and virtual receptionist integrated into your new systems, then you may need a dedicated training program to assist them. No doubt, systems have an intuitive usability and the same simplicity as traditional phone systems, but training your staff will ensure that there are no chances for mistakes. Make sure you have guides that highlight the same distributed among your staff, so they find the transition from legacy systems to technology easier. 

Look into QoS technology 

QoS or quality of service is where the router gives your traffic the highest priority, over other online traffic in the network. The QoS technology helps ensure that your operations are not affected when the network is slow or if there is a loss of packet data, so your customers/clients do not complain about broken or jittery calls. 

and restrictions 

Do not forget to factor in regulatory considerations while switching to . If regulations like PCI and come into play in your business, make sure you take it into account during migration. If is a concern for your data, then something on the lines of a VPN (virtual private network) may work well with your business model. Any data that is transferred between your office and other locations remains secure in these networks. You may also want to look at other extensions such as filters and firewalls to ensure that there is no breach of data in your new system.

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