voip, expanded as Voice over Internet Protocol, is a revolutionary technology that allows us to convert analog signals into digital data that is later transmitted via the Internet. To put in a very simple manner, is a technology that enables us to make telephone conversations through the internet. While was first introduced in the 1990s, it became available for personal use and has only recently become commercialized.  Using this technology, you can make calls to other people with broadband connections as well as to people with traditional telephones and mobile numbers.

Types of Service

There are three types of services that you can opt to use. They are:

  1. The Analog Telephone Adapter (or ATA) is a device that you can use to connect your telephone and your computer so that calls can be translated over the internet. The adapter converts analog signals from the former to digital signals in the latter for calls.
  2. The next type is when there are two computers. This is the simplest method to use the technology, and other than the cost of the ISP plan that you have to pay for every month, everything else, including long distance calls, will not cost you anything.
  3. The last type are the Internet Protocol phones, or the IP phones, which look like regular phones but use WiFi or an ethernet connector which can connect to the router enabling you to make calls.

Advantages of using

  • One of the biggest advantages of is that the cost can be much less expensive than regular telephone options. differs from regular telephone service by treating your phone conversations as data passing through your IP network. In today’s world, broadband is relatively cheap and easy to get, so has considerable appeal to businesses that want to cut costs and use their existing resources more efficiently.
  • You can simultaneously use your computer while making a call.
  • You can take your adapter with you when you’re travelling so that you can make calls from anywhere where high speed internet connection is available.
  • In addition to this, the reliability and the quality of a call made using the technology is much better than that of a traditional phone call so long as you have a stable high speed internet connection.